And then there were seven...

When we left for church this morning, I knew a couple of the does were getting close to delivering. Church went over a little today and we got home about a half hour later than usual. Instead of going to the house first, I ran to the barn. When I looked in, Marshmallow was in a corner pushing. I ran back to the house, stripped off my church clothes, threw on my coveralls and got back to the barn just in time... She delivered three does without a bit of problem. As I was cleaning them off and getting them under a heat lamp, I looked over at April Mae and she was pushing. A half hour later and she delivered two does. So we went from 2 to 7 really quick. Now all we have left is Curly Sue. I will have my work cut out for me, milking 3 does and bottle feeding 7. Once again, I thank the Lord for safe deliveries and healthy babies...


  1. Glad everything came out OK! God always surprises us with His timing.

  2. I'm very happy for you Becky. God is good to us!Teresa


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