An intruder in the milk room

I have decided that chickens are the meanest animals... For some reason our hens started picking on this one little red hen. She was hiding behind the water fountain in the hen house because every time she came out, the other hens would attack her. I felt sorry for her but I thought it would take care of itself, but it didn't. They had all her tail feathers pulled out and were starting on her back. She looked pitiful! A couple of days ago they ran her out of the house and out in the snow. There she stood, on one foot and then the other, trying to keep her feet from freezing. I could see blood on the snow from her back where they had pecked her.  I knew I couldn't leave her there, so I picked her up  (she was a rack of bones) and I took her to the milk room with me. I made a spot for her by the stanchion with some hay and put in some layer mash and water. She was starving! Now, the milk room is the hub of the barn. It is where the angora bunny stays and the cats have their food and milk bowl in there. You should have seen the cats peering down from their counter top. WHAT HAD I DONE?? Get that chicken out of there! The cats wouldn't eat for a day and the bunny would give a resounding thump with her back foot every time that hen moved. She wasn't wanted anywhere. Poor thing. Things have settled down now and the cats and Honeybun have gotten used to her. She clucks to me in chicken talk when I come in and she and I have great conversations while I'm in the barn. Last night she ventured out of the milk room and started scratching up and down the isle way, talking to the goats. Now they are looking at me like "get that chicken out of here!" Here we go again....Still waiting for babies. The does are moving slower and slower and udders are getting fuller and fuller. It's cold and cloudy today. They are calling for a big snow storm to come in tonight. Maybe we will get some babies tonight since they prefer to wait until the weather turns bad :) Have a great day...


  1. Enjoyed the story. Please let me know when you get babies and I'm looking forward to pictures. I love my little red headed babies but still miss those little Nubian babies. Teresa


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