Just Waiting

I checked the thermometer on the back porch as I headed to the barn this morning, 18 degrees. It felt much warmer than it has been, but it was pouring the snow down. Looks like we only got another inch during the night. I looked in on the chickens on my way to the barn. I would imagine they are getting "hen-house fever" since they haven't been out in days. They seemed to be fine, several of them were in the nesting boxes, getting their days work done. The goats were happy to see me, as they always are. I watched two of them last night on the cameras, as they are getting close to kidding. Tim built me a very nice bed in the milk room several years ago and I used to use it, but since we got the cameras, I can lay in bed and watch them until I think I need to head to the barn. The loafing area where they are during the day, doesn't have any cameras, so I make several trips during the day to check on them. I turned out the goats for the day, fed the angora bunny and the barn cats and came back to the house. I rolled some oats for breakfast and while they were cooking, I set out the sourdough starter, so it could be "working". I am going to bake some bread this afternoon. I sure can't wait for fresh milk, so I can make some butter to go with the bread. I can't stand to drink the store bought milk, but I did put a little bit on my oats, along with a big spoonful of our apple butter. I am going to start a ripple afghan today. I really need to brush up on my knitting. I am going to add a couple of Angora goats to the herd in the spring and along with my angora bunny, I will have plenty of fiber to spin and knit. So I need to start doing some more knitting.  I did get quite a bit of quilting done on the West Virginia quilt yesterday. I plan to spend several hours at it today also. Hope everyone enjoys the day that God has given us..


  1. A fun read. Snowed in Mich. over night also. Have a good day.

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your day once again. Reading yesterdays blog inspired me to do a little sewing today. I have so many pieces of scrap fabric I'm going to start a crazy quilt today. I have bread sitting on the counter and a kettle of beans on the stove. Look forward to tomorrows blog. Teresa

  3. Hi Aunt Becky,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I just finished reading Little House in the Big Woods (haven't read it since I was little) and all these things you do remind me of what Laura's Ma did. :) I'd love to try to live like that.

  4. Well I guess it's official now...there is NOTHING you don't do... Enjoyed reading about all you do - kinda tucker's me out.. LOVE all the pictures. We still haven't had the "big one". But when we do I have a feeling we'll be buried for a while!!

    You truely should have been a pioneer woman!! Dinah

  5. Hey Becky
    Nice Blog! Most people don't know how great it is living out here in a West Virginia "holler". Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Rebecca..
    I love your blog.. I am so glad that we have met, too..
    Looking forward to enjoying your posts..
    God bless..


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