New Beginnings

It was a cold world to come in to, but at 1:10 this morning, at minus 10 degrees, Velvet had her babies. I went to the barn at 11:30 to be with her. Both kids were born backwards, so it took longer. As I sat there with her waiting, I thought back of all the times I've done this before. Many cold nights spent waiting for a new life to be born. Our male Great Pyrenees, Teton, laid his giant head in my lap and waited with me. He is in charge of the babies. Shasta couldn't care less about them, but Teton loves the babies. We have two Australian Shepherds, who come to the barn with me when I do the chores. Teton tolerates them being there but now that there are babies, they will no longer be allowed. He is the boss and that is his job. I don't know what I would do without him. As each baby is born, I dry them off and then they go to Teton. He inspects each one, licks them thoroughly and then lies down beside them, covering them with his giant head. This morning, he got a little doe and a much bigger buck. He sighed a big sigh as if he knew that his work has begun again for another year. When they are small, his job is easy, but when they start romping and playing and running all over the pasture, his job is much more demanding..... I milked out Velvet, got lots of warm colosterum in each kid and then headed back to the house. When I stepped out of the barn, the moon was shining brightly. It was like daylight out, wiith the snow reflecting the moon light. I could hear the trees cracking and popping  because of the cold. The wet towels in my arms instantly froze stiff. I thanked the Lord for another safe delivery for both mama and babies. I am so grateful for the life I have, being able to hold each baby as they take their first breath, feeling each little heart beating against mine. Thank you Lord for allowing me to live this life....


  1. Congratulations Becky! I'm pleased everything went well with mamma, kids and you and there were no serious problems. Teresa


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