The sun is shining!!

When I went to the barn this morning, it was 16 degrees. The stars were amazing. There was one in the east that was so bright, must be a planet, I need to look up and see which one. As I crunched down the path, through the snow, I looked over to the east. I always wonder if today will be the day we will here that trumpet calling us home. Still no babies, although I think Black Velvet will be the first. But they have a way of fooling me at times, so who knows. Still no udders on Beauty and Arwin, so they must not have caught. This means that only 4 does will freshen. I only bred half the herd to give some of them a rest. I am disappointed though that Beauty and Arwin won't freshen but 4 does will give us more milk than we can handle. I just wanted to see them both bred to this spotted buck. This will be the smallest amount of babies we have ever had. Last year we had 22. 13 were born in the big February blizzard. We had no power for 5 days and had to do the chores by lantern light. But we made it... I had to fill the mineral feeder this morning. They seem to go through more minerals  in the winter when they are not out on pasture. I started my ripple afghan last night and tore it up 3 times before I got it right. I knew my knitting needed some work! And I am making great progress on the quilt, if I keep at it, it should be done by spring. Today I have to make some lip balm with tea tree oil. I am out and have several customers asking for it. Plus I keep a tube in my pocket at work and I haven't had any for a week. Enjoy your day, it is a gift from God.


  1. This was a good read again. Reminds me of how Abraham went out and looked at the stars. What color afghan are you making? I love that pattern.

    Thanks again for sharing your life. I feel closer.

  2. Faith, there is a brown stripe that Red Heart calls "crushed almonds" alternating with a cream. Thanks for reading


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