Surprise, surprise...

I got a surprise when I went to the barn this morning. I checked on the babies first and they were all fine and starving as usual. Then I started to fill feed pans with grain for the adult goats. When I got to Arwin's pen, there was a baby goat in there with her. If you remember, from an earlier post, I was disappointed that Arwin didn't catch. She had no udder and showed no sign of labor last night. Just about the time I think I've seen it all, something like this happens. I took the baby from her and got her under the heat lamps with the other babies. She was very cold. Then I got Arwin on the stanchion and milked her. Very little colosterum... Each doe, after they freshen gets a bucket of warm molassas water, so I went to the house and got that for her. I have had her on the stanchion twice this morning, trying to stimulate milk production. She has freshened 4 other times and always been such a good milker, I just don't understand what happened this time. Hopefully her milk will come in. So now I have another mouth to feed. I just hope I have enough milk for them all.


  1. Becky, love the picture of Emilee with the kids. I've learned to never be surprised when it comes to the goats and congratulations on your last kid. Teresa

  2. I'm glad you've started blogging too. I'm as interested in your blog as you are in mine. I'll try to keep reading it, though I don't always have good connectivity here.


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