Bye-Bye February

Well, I do love saying goodbye to the month of February. I know we have a couple days left but I can see the light of March.  I love brings the sound of croaking wood frogs (which sound more like a flock of quacking mallards), breezy cold days, crocuses, snow showers, rain showers, sunshine (all in the same day), birds singing, robins in the yard and on warm sunny days, the first coltsfoot will show up over on the creek bank. AND my favorite part, if we have a really warm day, we will be serenaded at night by the beautiful sound of spring peepers. Tim knows that when the peepers start, no matter how cold the night, I have to have the bedroom window up a crack so I can hear them. Emilee and I (and her mother when she was a little girl) love to go out on a warm spring evening, armed with a flash light and try to find one. You have to be ever so quiet because they stop peeping if they hear you. We have some that stay in the honeysuckle vine out by the clothes line and we usually end up catching one, just to hold for a minute and then we put it back. They usually start back to peeping before you can get in the back door. So, yes, I am glad to see March come...... All the baby goats are doing great. They are eating hay and grain now and are chewing their cud. I think it is the funniest thing when they first start to chew their cud they chew 90 miles an hour. They look look a kid with a mouthful of bubble gum. As they get the hang of it they slow down, but for the first few weeks it is so funny to watch them. Romeo is growing too. He still isn't too keen on the whole barn thing but he will. He has been in the barn for 4 days now. When Marshmallow had her 3 does, Blackberry, Raspberry and Blueberry, the smallest one was Blueberry. She has always been smaller and quieter than her sisters. So she has been staying with Romeo. That gives him some company and she doesn't trample him like the other crowd. The sun is shining today and Tim went on the hill to look for deer antler sheds. Hope everyone has a wonderful day...Spring is closer than we think!!


  1. I love reading your blog Aunt Becky! Thank you for taking the time to give us a glimpse into the goings on of Crossed Arrows Farm. And Joshua loves to see the pictures of the goats. Although he thinks they're sheep. We're working on that. :)


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