First Day Out

I have been so busy, I haven't been able to post anything. Last Friday, I was able to let the babies outside for the first time. I waited until the temp was 40 degrees and then I opened their door. They were very hesitant at first but finally ventured out into the sunshine. I once had an old dairy farmer tell me, the best thing you can give your babies is sunshine and I believe him. Out in the barnlot in front of the barn, Tim takes all the manure and hay and with the tractor, piles it into a big mound. Then in the spring we spread it on the garden or we have people who bring trucks and they back up to the pile and Tim scoops it up for them to take home for their gardens. Anyway, Emilee has named this pile, Goat Poop Mountain. She and Trevor love to climb to the top and run down. Well, it didn't take long for the babies to find Goat Poop Mountain and they had a blast running up and down and playing "king of the mountain". They were out there for several hours that day until they wore themselves out. It sure was nice to feed that night because they were so calm, compared to usual. Since then it has been too cold to let them outside again, so they have entertained themselves with running laps through the barn and leaping off the walls and hay mangers and anything else they can climb on. The weather is supposed to get warmer, so hopefully they can get out again soon..... Other than that, things are going along smoothly. Seed orders have been finalized and mailed. I'm still deciding on which chicks to order and I need to make up my mind. I was very happy with the Golden Comets the first year but very disappointed the second year. I guess if you want to replace your chickens every year they would be alright but I like to get 2 years out of a hen. So I will try something new this year. I have soup beans on for supper, so I will have a happy husband tonight, they are his favorite. I will grind some corn later for cornbread and fry some potatoes too. Hope everyone has a great day...


  1. I have enjoyed my Delaware hens, and would recommend this breed. They are very friendly, and produce nice, extra-large eggs. However, I'm not sure if they're good in your climate, as we don't get the extreme cold like you get there in WV.
    Your old classmate,
    Ben Moore


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