Miss Lily, Lilac and Romeo

Those of you who read my blog, know from an earlier posting that I was planning on getting some Angora goats this spring. I am planning on spinning the mohair to knit and crochet. Anyway on Friday, I had all intentions of  spending the day knitting when the phone rang first thing. A breeder that I had been in contact with, said they had a baby goat born Friday night. The mother would not take him and was very small, premature and weak. They said I could have him if I wanted to try to save him. So within a half hour I was on my way to Charleston. Mandi met me in Clarksburg and we headed down the interstate. We found the farm without any problem and they brought the baby out. He was VERY small and was not able to stand but I could tell he had a will to fight. The breeder then asked Mandi and I if we would like to go out to the barn and see the rest of the herd. BIG MISTAKE....on our way to the barn he told us he was selling the whole herd and getting cattle. I knew what that meant.... we ended up coming home with 3. I bought a beautiful doe named Lily and she had a gorgeous little gray doe kid that was 3 days old. I named her Lilac. We loaded up and got back on the road. When I got home, I put Lily and Lilac in the barn and took the tiny baby to the house. I weighed him and he was 1 pound 14 ounces. I diluted the rich nubian milk (I was afraid it would be too rich for his little belly) and I started feeding him. At first he would only drink a half ounce at a time, but he was standing in no time and now he is walking around. Still very weak but getting stronger by the minute. I fed him every 3 hours during the night and now he is up to 3 ounces a feeding. He spent the night in a laundry basket in front of the fire. I weighed him this afternoon and he now weighs 2 pounds. Emilee named him Romeo because he was "almost a Valentine baby." So the angora herd has been started all in a day and Tim is off the hook because he says they are my Valentine present. That's good for me...it's just what I wanted!!! And it got him out of shopping :)


  1. Wow...what a cool present!!! Is that Romeo Emilee's holding? They are beautiful!! I can't wait to see them this spring. Are you adding to your heard or just "swapping" out? You are getting Angora goats and we got cattle!! It has been interesting trying to get the dogs used to them in their yard!! I'm sure they will get used to them soon... Beautiful additions!!! Love, Dinah

  2. Happy Valentines Day (early)! That type of present beats a box of chocolate any day in my book. Teresa

  3. Have to agree that the angora goats are a great gift. Little Romeo looks adorable and will be so spoiled. Thanks for visiting our blog. If we get brave enough to go for the dairy goats, we will be sure to let you know!


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