Wanna watch a rodeo??

I suppose if someone were to put a camera in our barn and take videos of the rodeo I go through morning and night, you would get some laughs. First of all, the baby goats are in a 5x10 foot pen at night. Why? You try to do all the chores with 36 feet under yours! They HAVE to be right under your feet. So, that being understood, now imagine trying to get out two babies at a time to bottle feed them. When you open the gate, the whole thundering herd rolls out. And so begins the rodeo... One squeezes out, but it will be one you've already fed, so back in and you try another one. Some times you get one, the next time four will make it out. Once you've finally gotten the two you were after, you take them into the milkroom where there is a bench to sit on. A bottlle in each hand and we start. Every once in a while, you will get one to latch on and suck, but then you have one who will drink for 10 seconds and then have to run up the stanchion ramp, do a 360 flip and then shoot back down the  ramp for another suck at the bottle. It would try the patience of Job!!! Finally, you get down the 24 ounces and their little bellies are full. Now back to the pen to put those two back in and get out two new ones. And so it begins again...This morning, Raspberry made it out at least 20 times and she had her bottle first! Evidently, she had forgotten that she had already eaten. So now you have a small idea of what I'm doing at 5 in the morning, for an hour and a half and then again 12 hours later. Anytime you want to come help, the barn door is open.


  1. Wish I lived closer! Love Bevy

  2. Oh Becky, if I lived closer I would be there in a heartbeat to help you. I miss those experiences sooooooooo much. Teresa

  3. Wow, Beck...such beautiful snow!!! We have had March weather for a month now - 50 degrees every day... We still have yet to have a good "dumping" so God only knows what kind of summer we will have. Wish you could send some our way!!! Love to check in on your "doings"..
    Love, Dinah


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