Good-bye March

I'm not really sad to see it go and even though it's not going out like a lion, I would say it's more like a large cat... But at least we haven't gotten all the snow our northern nieghbors are getting. This morning, I checked the thermometer as I went out to milk...34 degrees. I could hear one lone peeper in the bottom, trying his best to keep a positive attitude. Next week is supposed to be warmer. I hope so because I am going to open the green house and get the rest of the seeds started. I am glad we haven't done that yet because we would have had to run the heater day and night to keep it warm. Ususally our days are warm enough that we only have to heat it at night. It can be in the 30's outside but as long as the sun is shining, the greenhouse warms up nicely. I can't wait to start. I love to go in there and smell the fresh soil and listen to all the plants growing. We  keep a chair in there just for that's very good for the soul..... In the last week, I have only thrown hay down one time. The goats are out on the hill before it even gets light. They are so anxious to get the new grass. Romeo is growing up quickly but he still likes to be cuddled every morning after his bottle. He now goes out with all the other goats and plays with Blackberry, Apple Annie and Lilac. He still prefers the company of humans but he is learning to be a goat. I hope it warms up soon becase the Angora rabbit is in desperate need of a shearing. She looks like a giant slipper, her hair is so long. I got an e-mail telling me the chicks will be delivered on April 20th. The brooder is ready and waiting but I do need to buy a bag of chick starter. Emilee's cat, Peek-a-boo, is due to have kittens in a couple of weeks and Em is so excited. She says we need to "re-populate" (her own words) the cats in the barn. We only have two and she says we need more to keep the mice away. Hopefully Peek-a-boo doesn't have too many because I can't see us getting rid of any of them. I don't know where Em gets her craziness for animals.... ;)


  1. We are also hoping that April brings warmer weather; can't wait to get our hads dirty :)


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