Ordinary Things

I remember the day of September 11th like it was yesterday....I was in the middle of baking bread. I remember feeling guilty at doing such an ordinary thing at the same time that my fellow Americans were fighting for their lives. All I could do was pray. Here I am again, going about my normal life, doing my chores, working, all ordinary things. While across the world there are those who are fighting for their lives. The news was on the tv in the kitchen while I was straining the milk this morning and I could hear them say that another explosion had taken place at the nuclear power plant in Japan. How does it feel for those people, just wanting to do ordinary things, but yet they have a cloud of radiation hanging over their heads. Afraid to even take the ordinary breath. Afraid for their babies, animals and their own lives.... And again, all we can do is pray. Let's remember them today.....


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