We have had the most beautiful weather lately that I have been outside and haven't spent much time on the computer. I was able to get a batch of cottage cheese made yesterday and we had it with supper last night, with home canned peaches. It was delicious!! I have a batch of American cheese started this morning. After it goes in the cheese press, I am hoping to get back outside. I have been cleaning off flowerbeds and re-built a rock wall. I also was able to build our fire pit, after hauling 6 loads of rocks out of our creek. It came out so nice..I can't wait to have a fire in it. I moved Emilee's guinea pig back out to her outside pen so I could get the brooder ready for chicks. I ordered them last week but am waiting for an e-mail to tell me when they are coming. I got quite a variety this year, Aracaunas, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Red Stars and Buff Orpingtons. I have had all of these breeds before and know I love them all. I got all Golden Comets the last time and that is just way too boring for me, to have all the same kind. We will be opening the green house in a couple of weeks and starting the rest of our seedlings. (Tim and I already started all the peppers inside) Tim hauled loads and loads of manure and spread it on the garden last night. When it dries out, we will be ready to till. The wood frogs have moved into the koi ponds this year. They have never done that before and I love to hear them at night. We have had our bedroom window open at night lately. They make such funny noises, not a croak at all. It's more like quacks and chirps. They have laid masses of eggs in the ponds already. So it won't be long and we'll have tons of tadpoles. We have really enjoyed this weather but there is a huge snowstorm out West and heading our way. But at least we had a few days right??


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