Rain, rain and more rain

I am sorry that I haven't been writing my blog lately but I am beginning to think that blogging might be a winter sport, for me anyway. We have been so busy here on the farm getting in the spring swing. I was able to get all 3 of the koi ponds cleaned out and the pump in and the waterfalls started. They look so nice and I do love to hear the sound of the water comimg in our bedroom window at night. The greenhouse is in full swing now. Everything seems to be growing so well this year. We have had so much rain that we can't get the garden plowed. I keep a bag of potatoes in the milkroom to use as seed potatoes for the next year. Emilee and I checked on them and they have sprouted like crazy. They would love to be in the ground. But they are calling for more rain off and on all week so I can't see it being too soon. I hate to complain because we need the rain for our summer hay crop but I would like a little break, just so we can plow. The brooder is sitting ready and waiting for 31 little chicks to arrive on Wednesday. (30 pullets and one rooster) My goal for this week is to get the Angora rabbit sheared and the Angora goats. I want to get this all done before it gets too hot. Some might be wondering why the goats haven't been sheared yet but goats are sheared  spring and fall, so I wait a little longer in the spring so they don't have that heavy coat in August. We are still waiting for Emilee's cat Peek-a-boo to have her kittens. She is so excted for these kittens to get here. She was playing in the loft yesterday and found a dead rat that the barn cats had killed. She was appalled that we even had rats in the barn but now she sees how important the cats are. Anyway....everything seems to be growing like crazy with all of our rain. The pussywillows are done and the forsythia is fading. The ramps are up and Tim has had two messes of ramps. Gotta have your spring tonic.The coltsfoot is just about done and the trillium is just starting. The buckeyes I planted in the fall are up and I need to find homes for them. I am sure that the morels are ready too but I haven't made it into the woods yet to find them. The turkeys are gobbling morning and evening now. I love to hear them. The wrens came back on Saturday and they are busy checking out all the nesting boxes. They fill the backyard with their sweet song. They are one of my favorite birds. The bluebirds have been in their boxes too. The barn swallows are not back yet but I have been keeping one of the doors open just in case. I love to watch them swoop out of the barn and fly over the garden in the evening, catching all kinds of bugs. The bats are back in the bat house now. (Yes, we have a bathouse) They are very important for insect control. The bees are working in between rain drops, collecting nectar and pollen from all the trees that are bloomimg. They are so happy that there is something beside the crocus to work on.  I'll try to do better on keeping my blog but I would just rather be outside this time of year. How can I be inside when all this is happening ???  Hope everyone has a beautiful day.


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