Reverence for Tradition

       I found this line while reading yesterday and it really jumped out at me because that sums up how Tim and I feel. A reverence for tradition, yes, this is why we do things the way we do. So many times I have had someone say, "Why would you do this or why would you make that, when you can just go to the store and buy it..." Now I have an answer. We love tradition. Whether it is the act of churning butter or quilting or forging something out of metal on a coal fired forge, tradition, that's the reason. If we don't carry on these traditions, they will be lost forever. When my girls were young, it was very important to me that they learn the simple acts of sewing, gardening, baking bread. So many young ladies do not know how to do these things today. Tim hopes to teach our grandsons how to forge and how to hunt. After all these years, now I have a simple answer to sum it all up....
      We are back to our lush green woods now, here in West Virginia. We have had so much rain but I am not complaining, it should be a great hay year. The potatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, fennel and kale are all in and thriving. The tomatoes are 2 feet tall in the greenhouse but they will go out on Memorial Day weekend. I will have to plant them deep because they got so tall this year. I saw our first lightening bugs a couple nights ago. The iris and rhododendrons are in full bloom. The wrens are nesting in their box and the mockingbird is singing ALL night long now, so he must have a nest close by. With him singing and the toads whirring and the frogs croaking, our nights are not very quiet! The bluebirds are building in their box by the garden. A box turtle stopped by for a visit the other day. The bees have swarmed twice now.  Our baby chicks now look like small chickens and the kittens are starting to play with each other. The raspberries and blackberries are all budded and should be bloomimg soon. Can't you just taste that blackberry cobbler with homemade goat milk ice cream? I sure can! I hope you are loving spring in your neck of the woods, I know I am.


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