Beautiful Sunshine

       The Lord has truly blessed us with some unbelievable days lately. Does it feel like November?? It sure does at 5:00 am! This morning it was 17 degrees when I did the milking. But the sun has been shining brightly and the days have been warmimg up to the 60 or 70s. The whole farm was white with frost this morning but as soon as the sun makes it over the hill, it starts to melt that old frost away. The animals stand broadside to the sun on these frosty mornings. You can see the steam start to rise from them as the sun warms them too. The chickens head for the manure pile at first light. Imagine burying your cold toes in that toasty warm pile, plus there's lots of worms too. It's the best of all worlds.
       We are enjoying our newest member of the family. We have had our halflinger colt, Luke, for over a week now and he has settled in quickly. He has gotten used to having chickens, guineas, piggies, cats, dogs and baby goats all around his feet. He is so calm and sweet tempered. We just love him. Tim trimmed his feet yesterday afternoon for the first time. He stood really well, considering it was his first go at it. I can't wait to hitch him up and have him pull us around. Of course, that will be quite a while yet.
       The buck is out and the girls have all settled down. I think everyone got bred and we should be having babies in March. This is much later than usual for us but I hope it is warmer than January. Squeak and Grunt are growing like little pigs should. They go out to pasture with all the goats and it is so funny to see them on the hill, rooting around. Tim has hauled all kinds of manure on the garden and sometime this week, he will turn it over with the plows to open the ground for winter.
       I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful time of year where ever you are. And I hope the sun is shining for you too.


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