The Beavers Moon

        Thursday night was the full moon, however we were covered with clouds and a cold drizzly rain that had some snow in it. So, we didn't get to see the Beaver Moon the first night. The Farmers Almanac says it is called the Beavers Moon because the beaver is in full stride by November getting ready for winter. Also it is when trappers would set their traps to catch the beaver, so that they would have plenty of furs for the winter. We have a few beavers around here but not too many set traps any more. Last night was a crystal clear night and as I made my way to the barn to shut up the chickens, I could see the hill to the east was glowing as the moon rose behind it. Each tree was outlined by it. The stars were out in full force and I could see Orion to the south. When I opened the barn door, I could hear Luke nicker to me through the dark. I shut the chickens up and hurried back to the warmth of the house.  By the time we turned off the lights and headed to bed, the moon was up enough to shine through the windows of the farm house. It made patterns on the old wooden floors in each of the rooms. I had to go back out on the porch and take a peek at it. I remember as a little girl, my grandpa would go out each night and look at the stars and the moon. I would go with him and he would tell me the names of the constellations. It was always a nice quiet time with him and I learned to love the night sky from him. Last night as I gazed up at that huge full moon, I  know that my grandpa is up there too, with the Maker of that moon. I hurried back inside and snuggled under a down comforter. That Beaver Moon was stretched out on the bed and lit the room up like daylight. It kinda made me feel like my grandpa was shining down on me. Hope you are enjoying the full moon where ever you are.


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