Ready to ply

     I have had the spinning wheel for a week now and I am getting much better at spinning. I think alot of that has to do with just relaxing. I found I was so tense that my shoulders were killing me after a while on the wheel. I was wound tighter than the yarn was. I have started to relax and just let the wheel work and I think I may get the hang of it after all. I am ready to ply some yarn today. I took my first yarn off the bobbin and just wound it in a ball to keep to remind myself how bad it really was. As I was winding it up, I thought how that yarn is a lot like me, with a lot of imperfections. Lumpy, bumpy, fat, skinny... I sure am glad that God loves me regardless of all my faults. With His help I will slowly get smoothed out and even.
      We finally have snow all over the ground and I love it. Luke is enjoying running and bucking in it. The goats however, prefer to look at it from the barn door. They watch him as he runs out every morning and you see that they think he has lost his mind. The nights have been so cold, the guineas have been coming in and roosting with the chickens. This doesn't make the chickens happy at all. They prefer to have the guineas roost in the pine tree. I am missing a hen and I wonder if she is in the loft on a clutch of eggs. They have a way of hiding and being very quiet when you are looking for them. I really don't relish the thought of little peeps this time of year. I must dry up the last doe here in the next week, to give her 8 weeks to rest before she freshens again. I rolled oats this morning for breakfast and I told Tim this will be my last until March. I cannot stand to drink store bought milk. I don't like the way the goat milk tastes if you freeze it, so I am out of luck for a few weeks. Oh well, time will pass quickly. Hope you are enjoying your winter weather.


  1. Good morning sweet friend,

    We have had 50's and today 60's. Can't believe that the weather has been so mild. I am sure the snow is coming though. I love it when it does.

    Your spinning sounds wonderful. I think know matter what the yarn looks like it would be pretty. I get some 100% cotton in a shop up in Northern Kansas. It is nubby and thin and it is my favorite yarn. Creamy white. Beautiful!

    Love hearing about your girly that may be sitting. I can't wait for my girls to start. I moved the 4 little chicks that I incubated down to the milk barn. I couldn't stand the smell and mess in the corner of the house. It is nice to not have to clean them everyday! Put lots of straw and 2 lights on them. My sweet man just checked on them and said they are doing well.

    Well, so nice to come and chat..........enjoy your SONday.......pray it will be restful.

    Blessings to you, Linda

  2. Hope all is well there on these cold mornings!! How many goats will you have kidding this year?


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