Welcome 2012

     Looks like we are finally going to have winter. The wind howled and roared around this old farm house all night long, as it ushered in dropping temperatures and snow. Last night as we left the barn and had just closed in the chickens for the night, I stopped and looked up at the sky. It was getting dark and the sky was covered with gray clouds whisking across with the wind.  I told Tim, "Here comes winter finally." You could feel it in the air. We have had such mild weather this fall and early winter, but things are changing and well it should. It is time for winter. My grandfather used to always say, " The cold gets stronger when the days get longer." How true that is. This morning when I went to do the morning milking and chores, the snow was coming down at a pretty good clip. I filled mangers with plenty of hay, knowing that everybody will stay in the barn today. Luke headed out after eating his grain, but I told as he went out the barn door, "You'll be back soon". He just nickered and went on. With his heavy coat, I don't think he feels the cold. After the pigs had their breakfast, they went back and buried in a warm pile of hay. If you have never seen a pig bury themselves, it is an amazing thing to watch. They make the nicest nest out of hay and then somehow wiggle down in it until it covers them. When they get up, if there is a hen around, it is the first place she will go to lay an egg. Pigs make a much better nest than a hen does.
       So, the dogs and I are huddled next to the fire. Tim is plowing snow. I spent all day Saturday washing  and drying wool. I have a rack in front of the fire with wool drying now.  I carded some of our Angora. What a difference between it and wool. I can hardly wait for the spinning wheel to arrive. Today will be spent with more washing and carding. I have almost finished Tim's hat made out of the Alpaca fiber. It sure does feel warm.
       Welcome to 1012. I hope it is a blessed year for everyone. Yesterdays sermon was about the storms of life that come our way and that we have the Master to calm those storms. How thankful I am that no matter what comes our way, Jesus is there to say, "Peace, be still". I pray that He will be the Master of your storms and of your life.


  1. Hello! Just visited your blog today- I love how beautifully it portrays the heart of your home, farm and life. I look forward to seeing more of you this year..blessings.

  2. Happy New Year to you! We just finally had winter really come as well. After not much snow for even Christmas we now have a nice covering and are really enjoying it.

  3. I found your blog on the Barn Hop and I think I'm going to like following you! I see you had 8 followers... so do I! But now you have 9!! I wish you the best in 2012!


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