Getting Ready

        Yesterday was a beautiful day, perfect for barn work. It's hard to clean stalls when you have 50 some hooves under your feet every time you take a step. But with the warm weather and the sun shining, the animals spent most of the day on the hill and that allowed me to clear out the winter build up. The hay was so high in some of the stalls, I could barely open the gates. Now all is clean, with new straw spread down and not even a thank you from one of them. We still have a couple of weeks yet before the does start to freshen but I am ready. I need to do some straightening in the milk room and get the baby pen clean but that won't take long. We have decided tio purchase some Kiko goats to add to the herd. We tried some Boer goats years ago and they have so many problems, we sold them all. The Kiko's seem to be much hardier and we really want some meat goats, so will give them a try. I'll keep you posted.
       I noticed yesterday when I walked past the koi ponds that a lot of them were up at the surface getting some sunshine. The pussy willows are out and the crocus are blooming. After chores last night, Tim and I put pelleted lime on the garden and while we were out there, I went over to the bee hives and lifted the lids. Both hives lived through the winter. It is a little early to start feeding them, but it won't be long. The horseradish is up in the garden too. The birds are singing and I saw a blue bird in one of the nesting boxes. The peppers seeds are all started too.  There are signs of spring all over the farm. We haven't had much of a winter but I am still ready for spring. Oh, I know winter hasn't had it's last say  and I'm sure we will still see some more snow but winter is losing it's grip, I can feel it.
       Along with the lambs we will be adding this spring, I think I will get some more chicks. I can't keep all my customers happy on fresh eggs, so I need a few more hens. I also miss having some banty chickens around, so I am going to get some of those too. A banty hen comes in handy when you want to set eggs. They stay broody so much longer. I'm still trying to talk Tim into a couple of geese too. He isn't real keen on the idea. He has had some bad experiences with geese. How bad can a goose pinch hurt, right? It can't be that bad....
       Anyway...we are getting ready for the rush of new baby goats and all that goes with it. I can hardly wait to start milking again. I hope you are enjoying your "almost spring" where ever you are.


  1. Hi.. I was so happy just reading your post.. You really are enjoying Spring.. We still have lots of snow and another 25 to 30 cm. tomorrow.. That's Canada for you..
    Your animals sound so wonderful!! If we didn't go to the cottage each Summer I am sure we would have a few..
    You must feel rewarded getting all that work finished..

    Take care, dear friend..

    1. Thank you Faye, it does feel good to have the barn clean. I can't imagine not having all these animals, I do love them so. Thanks for reading, stay warm up there in the North.

  2. ♥ed this post! It made me (a future homesteader) antsy to make our dream a reality! You write beautifully. I could just imagine I was there.

  3. We have had such a warm winter..but wet. Trimming goat hooves lately has been easier since the wet weather, but also necessary to keep an eye on foot problems.
    By the way, I loved this post!


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