The Wood Frogs are singing

    Friday evening brought us some more thunderstorms. Nothing like Wednesdays storms, just lots of lightening, thunder and plenty of rain. After it had passed, I went out the back door to close up the chickens and I was met by a chorus of quacking ducks in the koi ponds. I knew it was the wood frogs, but they do sound like ducks. It was too dark to see how many but they were pretty loud. They sang to us all night long. By morning, it seems they had called all their friends out of the woods and I counted somewhere between 20 or 30. They were in all 3 ponds and they were singing their little frog hearts out. They will lay their masses of eggs in the ponds and then go back up into the woods. When the tadpoles sprout legs, they leave and then I never see them all summer. I assume they return to the woods.
    Just as I am typing this post, the snow has started to fall outside the window. The frogs are quiet this morning but the snow doesn't bother them. I have seen their eggs freeze in the pond and then they thaw out and go right ahead and hatch. Just another one of God's miracles.
     The lights and cameras are set up in the barn, so we can watch the does at night. It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, although a bit breezy. The goats and I took a walk on the hill. Tulip, who turned eleven last month, chose to stay by me and take a nap in the sunshine, while the others ran and hopped and played. I sat beside her and I could see little hooves kicking her side as she tried to sleep. She and I have had a lot of good years together and I hate to see her age and slow down. I am a little worried about her, although she has never had any trouble freshening before. Hopefully all will go well.
      I made a batch of strawberry jam yesterday and I am going to go enjoy some on some freshly ground wheat toast. Have a blessed day.


  1. Hello, it has been a while since I have come over to your wood frog story. When I lived in Alaska my grandfather gave me a was for me to keep my frogs in......I loved going to other lakes and bringing them back to our homestead. We have lots here in to hear them at night.

    Oh........ loved hearing about Tulip and her getting to see her babies in the womb. God is so so precious to us! I just bought a momma sheep and two little lambs. She is a good momma. Her name is Willow and the two little boys are Twig and Leaf.......I find much pleasure.

    Well have a wonderful evening,


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