Whippoorwills and Fireflies

             Yes, they are both back on our farm and yes, I am very excited. Two of my favorite things are whippoorwills and fireflies. Although here in West Virginia, we call them lightening bugs. I have never seen them this early but I suppose with the crazy winter we had, they have decided to show up a couple weeks ahead of time. I heard a whippoorwill on the opposite hill from our farm last night when I went out for my nightly stroll of shutting up chickens and the greenhouse. It didn't take long and one started to answer from our woods. I just stood there and listened and while I did, I saw a flash go by me and then I realized the  lightening bugs were back too. The moon was blazing in the sky and I didn't need a light. This Saturday we are having what they are calling a "Super Moon" however the Almanac calls it the Full Flower Moon. Whatever you want to call it, I plan on being outside to take it all in. 
           The baby goats are growing quickly and are just about to be weaned, which means we can make a trip to the livestock sale and get some pigs. The Freedom Rangers are amazing. I think you could see them grow right before your eyes. They will have to come out of the brooder this weekend. We are also planning on shearing the sheep and the angoras on Saturday. The bluebird boxes are full and the robins and the catbirds are setting on their nests. The phoebe is starting to build a nest on one of the rafters in the barn but I haven't see a barn swallow yet. I will be watching for their return. I love to hear them chatter to me while I milk. 
           I feel so fortunate to be able to experience all this beauty that God has given us. Can you only imagine what heaven will be like?


  1. We do live in a beautiful world... Love reading your post, as always..
    God bless...

  2. Becky, I love your blog and hearing how God has continued to bless your family (people and critters). He is an awesome God and worthy to be praised. It is wonderful to see your faith and hard work represented here, both are necessary in order for us to find God's purpose for our lives. You have truly found your niche in life, even the period dress suits you. God bless you. Sandy Altfather


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