Sorry it has been so long..

   I know that it has been ages since I have posted but who has the time?? I keep getting more critters, which in turn makes for longer chore times and we had to get the garden in and now we are making hay and so on and so on. Ok, so here are the updates in as little detail as possible, but you know how I am....

1.   The garden is all in, all 200 tomato plants and 232 pepper plants, plus lettuce, onions, cilantro,
      cabbage, corn, watermelons, cucumbers, beets, pumpkins and who knows what else..

2.  The Freedom Rangers are growing like mad, in fact they should be ready to butcher next week.

3.  We are putting up our own hay for the first time ever. Tim is loving every minute of it.

4.  Shearing is done for the year. I have lots of beautiful fleeces to work on come winter.

5.  We now are the proud owners of two beautiful Sebastapol goslings. They are the sweetest things
     ever. They will climb right up in your lap. They do love however, the long ears of the Nubian goat
     and you should see how they snuggle up with the Pyrenees at night to sleep!!

6. We also have 3 Bourbon Red turket poults and 2 baby peachicks and 6 baby call ducks.

7.  I have two broody hens, one is setting on two peacock eggs and 6 guinea eggs and the other is on
     9 guinea eggs. A week and a half to go on those.

8.  One mama hen hatched out 4 little hens and they are so cute in the barn. One of them belongs to
      Joann the rooster. So she is, Joann Junior.

9.  The banty roosters have all started to crow. We have McTavish, the Mille Fleur and his two little
      wives, plus a Silver Seabright named Captain and a Golden Seabright.

10. We have a new rabbit that has no name because she is completely wild. She is not my favorite!!

       That's all I can think of right now and Tim just came up the driveway to get the baler which means I need to hurry and go milk so I can get to the hayfield. I promised the geese they could have a swim before chores. I have to sit on the creek bank or they won't stay in the water. They are very attached to me. I am the goose mama. They may have to wait until tomorrow for a swim. I'll be glad when they will go down to to the creek by themselves. I will try to write more know the old saying "You gotta make hay while the sun shines"  See ya...


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