Meet "That'll do Megg"

              Yes, here she is in all her Border Collie glory. She is a very small 7 week old little girl but she thinks she is all grown up and ready to take on the world. We picked her up in Charleston on Saturday and then spent the day at the Capitol. We had a great time and got some wonderful pictures. Megg took a nap under the giant oak trees out on the Capitol lawn. What a beautiful city Charleston is. We were glad to get her home and settled in though. She has adjusted to farm life quickly. She goes to the barn twice a day but she is not allowed to see the sheep yet. She is not old enough but she has gotten to see all the chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, goats and cats. We have started her with basic obedience training right now (sit, come, stay and lie down) Soon she will start learning her herding commands like, "away to me, come bye, walk up and that will do" She will know the meaning of all of those before she ever meets her first sheep. I can't wait to start really training her. For now I am just spoiling her rotten and enjoying her sweet "puppy breath" and her puppy kisses. I've waited a long time for this dog and I am going to enjoy every minute.


  1. So cute. Wish you still had Aussie pups. Now, I am wishing I had gotten one. OH well... enjoy the new girl!

  2. Oh my... she is a beauty! So excited for all of you!
    Can't wait to hear the stories when she meets the sheep.

    We have narrowed your choices for Boaz down to three or four. We're separating the ewe lambs from the ram lambs this weekend, and plan to have the rams at the barn. Just email and let us know when you want to come look at them.


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