This Saturday is a day we have waited for all summer long. We are going to Aurora to pick up our ram. Our ewes are such a big part of our farm now, we can't wait for our first batch of lambs. If you click on this link, you can read about our choices. So far Tim and I have picked the same one but we will wait until we see them in person. Which one do you think we should pick?
        Megg is amazing. She already knows how to sit, stay, lie down and shake. I have never had a puppy catch on so quickly. I guess that's why they are the most trainable breed. She has been working on herding our call ducks. She does very well at keeping them in a bunch. I read that ducks are a good animal to start them with. She keeps my Mom entertained during the day while we are at work. She is quite the star at out farm right now.
        We can feel fall in the air every day now. The nights are getting quieter as the crickets and the frogs are slowing down. Most of the canning is done. I still have some sloppy-joe tomatoes to can and this year I found a new recipe to can your own pork and beans, so am going to give that a whirl. Last Saturday was opening day of squirrel season. It poured the rain down all day, so Tim didn't get to hunt. Instead we headed up to the mountains and attended the West Virginia Fiber Festival. It was all held in a huge barn, so the rain didn't bother us at all. We spent the day talking with lots of fellow sheep breeders and Emilee and I got to take two classes. One was on felting soap and one was on needle felting. We loved it. They had classes all day, along with sheep shearing and other hands on events with sheep, angora goats, alpacas and llamas. It was a great day. It sure did make me ready to get the spinning wheel going.  I need to start washing fleeces too.  When the canning is done, it will be the first thing I do.
        Hopefully, this weekend we will find some time to get a little hunting done. These cool fall days sure do make me hungry for biscuits and squirrel gravy. How about you?


  1. Talk at supper last night was all about your ram choice; we are so excited to see which one you choose!

  2. Can't wait to see pics of your new addition :)


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