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        I thought I better write a new post just to let you know we are still kicking. Things are fine here on the farm, busy as always. We are constantly changing, as we decide what works for us and what doesn't.  Some times we buy some livestock that just don't fit into our program. If they don't, we have to sell. I realize that there are those out there who don't understand this but we have to do what is best for us and our animals. The donkeys did not work for us. They are wonderful little animals but we decided to sell them. They all went together to a farm in Preston County. Another thing that didn't work, were the call ducks. I couldn't keep them out of the koi ponds. That is no fault of theirs, I know ducks like water. They had a beautiful creek to play in but they preferred to fly over fences and swim in the koi ponds. Needless to say, they all went together to a different farm, one with a huge pond for them to swim in. We also had to sell the geese. They were very aggressive with the kids. We had to butcher a ram lamb who was also very aggressive. We are truly enjoying the meat that he has provided for us. This is all part of having a farm. It is a constant change and a constant turn-over. 
       The does are bred for late January freshening. They have slowly dried themselves up. I am only milking one now and she needs to be dried up in another 3 weeks. This time of year is always a sad time when we don't have fresh milk to drink. We have sold off all the old hens and are down to this years new ones. They are giving us lots of eggs now. We were able to build a new chicken house this summer and it came out so nice. It has a section for feed and for the brooder. Tim is really enjoying his new sawmill and it has allowed us to be able to build things that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford, while at the same time, clearing new pasture.
         I am trying my hand at tanning some hides this year, something I have never done before. I will keep you posted and let you know if I am successful. The potatoes have all been dug and I need to start canning them. The shearer came last week and so I have new fleeces to skirt and wash. I was able to purchase a used drum carder at the Mother Earth News Fair this year so I am able to spin so much more fiber now. It has really speeded up the process.
         If all goes as planned, we should have a litter of Border Collies coming up. I will keep you posted on that as well.
         I hope you are savoring these last few beautiful fall days. Take time to take in natures gorgeous show. Soon the snow flakes will be falling...I can't wait!!


  1. Definitely agree that some animals just aren't a good fit.... I love ducks but ours refused to use their pond and insisted on swimming in goat water troughs.....They'd foul it up, and I'd come home to hot thirsty goats :( So away the cute lil ducks went :) ThAnks for the update, hope the donkeys are happy in their new home :)

    1. We had the same problem with our geese. They kept getting in the water trough for the goats. What a pain to have to dump out and wash every day.

  2. Thanks for the update! It is always fun to hear what is happening over at Crossed Arrows! I am also savoring the last few fall days left before the cold (although our cold is not as cold as yours!). Keep up the wonderful stories!

    Ben Moore


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