Since January....

       Has it really been since January since I wrote a post? I'm not sure why it's been so long, other than I feel like things don't change around here a whole lot. Seasons come and seasons go and it's always pretty much the same. I feel like I'm boring the readers of this blog. My sister-in-law wrote me yesterday, telling me she missed reading the blog. I needed to hear that. I enjoy writing it and if nothing else, it keeps track of life here on the farm and something for my grandchildren to read some day.                            
       It's early morning right now and the birds have started their chorus. It's just starting to get light and there is a heavy mist in the trees. The last of the fireflies are putting themselves to bed. Crickets are still chirping quietly. Every spider web is outlined in dew and I can see where the fairies had quite the party on the grass last night. The catbird is mewing outside the window. She has a nest in the maple in the backyard. The phoebe is singing out by the barn. Her babies are nestled high on a rafter in the loft, safe from all the thunderstorms and rain, unlike the catbirds' babies, who have to ride out the storms on a high, wiggly branch. I can hear robins, song sparrows, a wood lark and a mockingbird too. I wish you could hear how my mornings start. There is nothing more beautiful than the choir God provides me with each morning.
        All that beauty is broken however, when the back porch screen door slams. Suddenly you hear the loud baaing of sheep and lambs. Then the goats chime in, hollering for their grain and to be milked. Chickens are scolding, roosters are crowing. The peacocks begin to yell back and forth. The quiet is gone. And so the day begins. Same as it has for years on this old farm. It's not boring for me and I wouldn't change a thing. Wish you were here with me....


  1. WOW Becky. I never saw this blog before.
    Be sure I will be back to read all about your farm and all you do, see and hear.
    Very interesting. Sounds like it is a great hide-a-way and here it is only about three miles from my house.
    Great post.
    I will be back!!!
    BTW, I am Sharon the woman who had the horse for give away. LOL


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