This is what August looks like....

            This is what our windowsills look like in August, loaded with tomatoes. As I was setting a few more out this morning, I thought to myself....why do you do that? Why do you put them on the windowsill? I couldn't answer myself because I didn't know the answer. My mom always put them there and I remember my grandma doing the same. All I can tell you is that by the middle of August every window is full and I have to put them on a table on the back porch. By that time, I'm canning ketchup, stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, salsa, chili tomatoes and whatever else needs done. My days are filled with tomatoes. Then by the end of August, I put away the table on the porch and we're back to the windowsills. The flood of tomatoes becomes a trickle and then it all ends. But every year, it starts and ends with the windowsills.
          If you're wondering what those racks are in the picture behind the tomatoes, they are stock trailer racks. We have a 16 foot flatbed trailer that we use to haul hay or coal or whatever.  A few years back, we saw a picture of racks that slid on the flatbed to make a stock trailer. We have looked every where to buy a set and couldn't find any.  A couple of weeks ago we found  a set on Craigslist in Ohio. We drove over the next day and bought them.  It's the best of both worlds because they are easy to slide on and off and then you only need one trailer to maintain. When the racks are on, we have a sixteen foot stock trailer to haul livestock. It even has a divider gate in the middle, just like a regular stock trailer. Then when you need the flatbed, you just slide them off. Genius, right? We think so. Glad somebody thought of the idea.
          I need to get to the garden to pick more beans. I should be able to finish them today. Have a beautiful first day of August.


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