The fog is thick this morning. Thick enough to coat every orb spider web with tiny drops of dew. Every leaf is bordered with a string of dew pearls. The Touch-Me-Nots are glistening with thousands of sparkling drops. The sheep's wool is damp with dew, even though they've only been out of the barn for a few minutes. The Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate is encased with droplets. Through the fog, I see leaves of red, orange and yellow peeking through. There is the smell of woodsmoke in the air. Oh, how I love Fall, even though it's the most fleeting of seasons. It seems as if it only lasts a few short weeks.
              Everywhere you go, you see pumpkins and fall displays. We West Virginians know how to do it right. We know what's coming after these gorgeous Indian Summer days. So we really go all out for Fall. There is a feeling of urgency in the air. I think of all the things that need to be done before that first snowflake falls. Today I must gather black walnuts. We eat the nuts in fudge and cookies but I also use the husks to dye wool. They make the most beautiful brown dye. The last of the Indian Corn is to be harvested today. There are still some hot peppers that need to come out of the garden and then we can turn the goats in to do the clean up. So much to be done, so little time. I hope you are enjoying these days, I know I am savouring each and every one.


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