Handsome Gift of God

            To those of you who read my ramblings, you'll remember that I posted about our new guardian dog, Kaloyan. His name means Handsome Gift of God. He is a Karakachan from Bulgaria. I have a friend who is raising these dogs in Preston County. www.hoppingacres.com Kelly has been very picky about the dogs that she has imported, so that they are of the finest. One of her females had a litter in October and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to buy one. Again, Kelly was very careful who bought these puppies, so that they went to good homes with the right supervision and flocks for these dogs to care for. In the three weeks that we have had Kaloyan, he has impressed me more than any pup we've ever owned. He is so intelligent and so willing to learn. He isn't flighty or scared. He's a thinker too. Right now he's in the house and the barn. He's not ever left alone in the barn yet. Although it won't be long and I think he'll be ready for a full time job. He does fantastic around the sheep and goats. He also leaves the chickens and rabbits alone. My biggest concern is that he will get under Luke's feet and get stepped on. So as soon as I feel he will stay out from underneath horse feet, he'll be out there all the time.
             When we went to Kelly's farm to pick up Kaloyan, she surprised me with an early Christmas present...a gorgeous black Angora buck rabbit. I can't wait to spin his beautiful fiber.  I have a full bobbin on the wheel right now of white angora from Primrose. I just can't decide what to ply it with. We will be breeding these two bunnies as soon as the new buck is old enough. I can't wait to have little angora baby rabbits. We also just purchased a pair of registered English Lop rabbits. We love all of our bunnies. With our new ones, we now have eight.
            We have our first doe due to freshen in less than two weeks. We cleaned and dusted the milk room and gathered towels and everything we need for babies. Last night all the does received their copper and selenium boluses and also their cobalt boluses. Everyone was vaccinated with the CD&T. So now we just wait. Arwin is due around the 15th, Marshmallow two weeks later, then Franchesca and Cloudberry are two weeks behind her. LuLu came in way behind and isn't due until the end of April. Somewhere in between all of them, we should also be lambing, if Wooliam has done his job.
             Not much of a winter yet...mud everywhere. The ground isn't frozen, and we've had so much rain. It's just mud, mud and more mud. My mud room is truly living up to it's name right now.
             We are looking forward to this new year that God has given us. We have so many plans and so much to get done. I hope we can get even half of it accomplished. Happy New Year to all of you!


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