View from the office...

        Doesn't look like much, does it? But in just a few short weeks we will get enough from this garden plot to feed us for another year. The cabbage row will give us enough cabbage to can fifty or better quarts of sauerkraut, not to mention the yummy coleslaw that we will eat. There is over one hundred tomato plants there. That's enough for ketchup, stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, chili tomatoes, salsa, tomato juice and of course, lots of  'mater sandwiches with plenty of mayo. The peppers will give pints and pints of hot peppers to enjoy this winter. The potatoes will give us new potatoes to cream with peas and then I will can what's left at the end of summer. On the far right is two rows of kale. We love to eat kale. There is nothing better than lamb chops baked in a cast iron kettle on a bed of kale. Oh my, that's good eating! We eat kale all summer long. It also gets fed every day to all our rabbits on the farm. They also love kale and it helps to offset the cost of feeding the rabbits in the summer. You can't see the zucchini, crook neck squash, hubbard squash, cucumbers or pumpkins but they all provide also. We are so blessed to be able to eat out of our garden all summer. I love canning it up for the winter also. How's your garden doing?


  1. Sounds wonderful Becky. I wish you and your family continued happiness.


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