Four weeks?

        How did it get to be four weeks since the last time I posted? Sheesh! I tried to take the above picture in the same spot I took the other one so you can see how the garden is growing. And yes, I need to weed. We have had a VERY wet summer so far. It has made weeding rather difficult, to say the least. On the flip side, the plants are loving it. We will be harvesting zucchini and crooknecks in a couple days. We are enjoying the kale immensely! And so are the bunnies! We have tomatoes as big as baseballs but they are still very green. 
         All this rain has made it a challenge to keep animals dry and happy. The barn stays wet when they are in it all day and it makes it miserable for them and us. We are doing the best we can but it certainly is trying some days. We would love to be able to get more hay up. We were able to bale twenty round bales a couple of weeks ago but we need at least twice that many to get us through the winter. The hay is ripe and ready but no dry days in which to get it up. We are expecting another three inches this weekend and rain all next week. Well, we will keep trying. Maybe by July or August things will start to dry up a bit. I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I've got weeding to do before the next batch of rain starts. 


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