While you were sleeping...

       Everywhere you look on this old farm right now, you will see the work of the orb spiders. Nearly anywhere there is a corner, you will see their webs. Some are wider than a foot across and some are no bigger than a quarter.  It's just one of the many signs of an approaching autumn. I never get tired of looking at these webs, especially in the morning when they are glistening with hundreds of tiny dew drops. They are such a masterpiece! Have you ever taken the time to watch one being constructed?  Such immense patience of the tiny spider working her way back and forth, attaching strand after strand of silk.  Some strands she makes of a sticky substance to catch insects and some aren't so that she can walk on those. When an insect flies into her web, she quickly grabs them and begins to wrap them in silk, turning them over and over. Did you know toward evening, she usually eats what is left of the web and then begins to spin a new one for the next day? Isn't that amazing? How wonderful that we know the Creator of these special little spiders. He instilled the knowledge into each spider how to build a web and provide for herself. And I will say it again...what an awesome God we serve!


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