Old Fashioned Lye Soap

        It’s been years since I’ve posted on the blog. Life has a way of changing directions on you and sometimes you can circle the wagons around and get back to where you should be. I will elaborate on that in some future posts. In the meantime, I’m back to making good old fashioned lye soap. I have found over the twenty plus years that I’ve been a soapmaker that most people just want a great bar of soap. There are a few who want to display it in a basket and make it look pretty but most of you just want the basics. This is where I’m at now. I have perfected my recipes to where these are some of the best soaps I’ve ever made. 
        I have a tea tree and vitamin E soap that is amazing for psoriasis. The pH is perfect and it’s a very soothing soap. I also have the activated charcoal soap. It’s wonderful for acne and skin irritations. The charcoal traps chemicals and prevents the absorption on the skin.  Last but not least is the Bentonite clay soap. The benefits of the clay are amazing. It removes toxins and treats oily skin. 

The 4 ounce square bars.....$4.00
The 4 ounce flower bars.....$4.00
The 5 ounce square bars.....$5.00


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